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[STEP BY STEP] In this tutorial, You’ll learn How to Make a Digital Marketing Agency Website using WordPress & Elementor Free Version. This Elementor Masterclass is for Complete Beginners Beginners.

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I know the “Digital Agency” term is kinda broad. So let me just give you some idea about what type of websites you can create by following this tutorial. You can create “A Web Design Agency Website”, “SEO Company Website”, “Video teaching Ads Agency Website”, “Consulting Business Website”, “Logo Designer or Graphic Designer Website”, “Content Writing Services Website”, “Freelancer’s Portfolio Website” OR any kind of “Business Website”!!

And, in this tutorial, I won’t be using any templates. So there’s no boundary. After watching this tutorial, you can design any type of website for yourself or for your clients.

⏰Timestamps for creating an AGENCY website step by step ⏰

0:00:00 Why do you need an Agency Website?
0:01:27 Overview
0:08:02 Get your Domain & Webhosting (60% OFF)
0:13:23 Install WordPress

0:16:44 WordPress Dashboard Settings
0:22:20 Install Elementor Page Builder
0:23:28 Elementor Fundamentals

0:28:07 Introducing kitpapa.com
0:29:44 Import MediaPro Kit
0:32:31 Customize Home Page Content

0:53:48 Adding Header & Footer
1:03:41 Customize All Agency Pages Content
1:14:08 Adding a Contact Form

1:17:39 Customize Site Identity(Logo, Favicon, Nav Menu)
1:19:47 Congratulations!! You Made It!!!

Resources I’ve mentioned in the Tutorial:
Elementor Kit Marketplace:

Free Logo Making Tutorial:

Step By Step Elementor Landing Page Tutorial 2023:

Step By Step Elementor Agency Website Tutorial 2023:

Thanks for Watching!

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  2. Thats so awesome and priceless! you just gave away project files for free and great explanation from any other content maker I've seen in pasr 4 years Ofc subscribed! and yea I will be starting my social media marketing agency thanks to you! Im just 14 already a freelancer hoping to get on top of this agency so I can also step into the millionaires world Haha and once again tysm Jazakallah Al Khairun(May god bless you)

  3. After uploading the template kit it still keeps on showing me the blank page. What do I do? This question is asked many times in comments but not a single time entertained by you. It hurts some body start learning by you and stuck there and no response

  4. Jim Fahad please keep making amazing tutorial videos like this I will suggest you that you can make a food ordering website tutorial to gain more views

  5. WOW, this tutorial is well composed and informative, Keep up the good work!. However you promised to give the kit out for free but I can't find it anywhere on your video please keep your promise as it'll go a long way for me and I won't have wasted so much time digesting so much info from you without putting it into action. Thank you

  6. Hi i have tried all other kits and even yours as you show in the video but images never gets imported with elementor templete kit. Whats the solution for this????

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  8. Latterly bro love you ❤ it had helped me a lot and saved a ton of money. Inshaallah i will pray for your growth

  9. Loves this. Thank you very much and keep this up.
    But please I can't find the free kit on your website could you please reply me with the link to get it for free? Thank you

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    This is the message popping up again and again plz solved it

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