Weston is the reference implementation of the Wayland synthesizer, as well as an out-of-the-box multipurpose desktop environment. Weston provides a very basic, full-featured desktop environment for non-desktop uses such as automotive, embedded, mechanical, industrial, set-top boxes, and televisions.

Currently Weston 11.0 is released, this version has improvements in the color management infrastructure, such as experimental color management support, which can be used with monitor ICC profiles. It is also possible to set the monitor to HDR mode and provide HDR characteristics from the Weston profile. But the announcement also mentioned: Now Weston No HDR content can be generated yet.

Then there are these highlights:

  • Various RDP improvements.
  • Performance improvements for the DRM backend.
  • Support wp_single_pixel_buffer_v1 protocol.
  • weston_buffer refactoring.
  • The basis for running multiple backends simultaneously (eg KMS + RDP) and multi-GPU support in the DRM backend. (Currently this feature is not supported and may be available in a future release.)

Breaking changes:

  • The cms-static and cms-colord plugins are now deprecated.
  • Many features have been removed from the desktop shell: multiple workspaces, zooming, exposure.
  • wl_shell support has been removed (superseded by xdg-shell).
  • The fbdev backend has been removed (replaced by KMS).
  • weston-launch and launcher-direct have been removed (replaced by libseat).
  • The weston-info and weston-gears clients have been removed (weston-info is replaced by wayland-info).
  • The KMS max-bpc property is now set by default, if you get a black screen with a (faulty) monitor, try lowering it in weston.ini.
  • Weston will now abort when out of memory, which means Weston is not suitable for memory-constrained environments.

Update announcement: https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/wayland-devel/2022-September/042410.html

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