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Vimium C is an open source, free keyboard-enhancing browser extension that supports arbitrary shortcuts for a variety of commands. As long as you have a keyboard, you can freely click links and buttons in web pages, select and copy text and URLs, operate browser tabs with ease, and search history, favorites and open at will in a convenient search box tabs, etc.

Vimium C supports modern browsers such as Firefox 63+, the new Microsoft Edge and Chrome 47+.

The predecessor of this project wasVimium.Compared with it, in addition to a lot of detail improvements and many new command parameters, Vimium C adds a complete Chinese
Support, sub-scene mapping, global shortcut keys and command sequence functions, can also run in the private pages of some extensions that accept Vimium C, and have access to CPU and memory resources.low consumption.

This project is mainly developed and maintained by gdh1995 and is open sourced under the MIT license. The translation files (_locales/ folder) of this project belong to the CC-BY-SA-4.0 (Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0) license, except for some English sentences that are open sourced under the MIT license from Vimium.

The main repositories for this project are and

Here’s its description in English (click to view the English introduction).

various commands

It supports all existing commands of Vimium and some exclusive new commands. For the specific command list, please refer to the help dialog of the post-installation settings interface. Moreover, the same shortcut key can trigger respective commands on different websites, and can also trigger different commands based on the page element at the current keyboard focus.

Supports common operations on many web pages:

  • Press F to automatically discover and mark clickable links and buttons, enter the text on an anchor tag to click it
  • Press the letter O to display a convenient and beautiful search box, in which you can find your browsing history and favorite web pages at will, and you can also customize the search engine to quickly open search pages, find open tabs, calculate mathematical expressions in real time, etc. . You can even press Shift+Enter (Shift+Enter) to delete the selected history.
  • Press J/K/H/L to scroll the screen like moving the cursor in VIM
  • Press “/” to display the floating layer in the page, input “\r” to perform regular search, “\w” to perform whole word matching, and multiple usages such as \R, \W, \i and \I
  • After pressing V to enter the free selection mode, you can use shortcut keys such as J/K/H/L to modify the selection range of text just like VIM.
  • Press “?” to display the help dialog, and quickly view all the shortcut keys that have been set

When you need to operate browser tabs, some of the default shortcuts are:

  • Press Shift+J, Shift+K, “g0” or “g$” to switch to the left, right, leftmost or rightmost tab
  • Press “^” (Shift+6) to switch to the last tab that was recently accessed
  • Press X to close the current web page, then press Shift+X to restore it.When closing a webpage, a window is kept by default to avoid the browser exiting
  • Press “M+letter” to create a mark, in other webpages, you can press “`+letter” to switch to (or open) the marked webpage
  • Press R to refresh the page, Shift+W to move the page to the next window, “yt” to copy the tab

All of the above shortcut keys can be unbound or re-bound to other commands, and new shortcut keys can also be added. After binding a shortcut key to a new command, you can also switch the webpage to mute, discard other webpages, switch the image/JS function permission of the website, reopen in incognito mode, and so on.

Advanced usage of shortcut keys

Most commands support pressing a number prefix to set the quantity. For example, “5” followed by “Shift+X” can restore the 5 most recently closed tabs, and pressing the 4 keys “-15X” in turn will close the current and left 15 tabs. Many commands support changing specific operation details through parameters, and parameters can be specified in custom shortcut keys.

If you need to disable specific shortcut keys on certain webpages, you can specify relevant rules in the extension settings page. Regular expressions can be used when filtering URLs, and the specified shortcut key list supports two modes: “disable only inside the list” and “disable all outside the list” (in this case, the list starts with “^”).

Common shortcut keys are identified by JavaScript script programs, and may be intercepted by other modules, and cannot be used on some browser built-in pages. If you need shortcut keys to take effect anywhere in the browser, Vimium C provides 8 global shortcut keys that can be freely bound to any desired command. But note that global shortcuts do not support deactivation by URL rules.

Vimium C also provides a search engine “v” for the browser address bar, enter “v + space” in the address bar to enter the search mode. This mode is similar to the search box displayed by the letter O, which will automatically search the history and favorites, and can also specify the search engine to concatenate the desired URL. Type “v + space + :t + space + keyword” to search open tabs.

Optimization of Chinese processing

  • Support to identify GBK-encoded Chinese characters in URLs (such as the Tieba name of Baidu Tieba URL) and then search in the search box, you can customize the encoding to be identified
  • In free-choice mode, when using shortcut keys such as w, e, b to process words, it will pause at the start/end of Chinese words
  • When the browser language is set to Chinese, the default setting “Baidu Search” is the default search engine
  • The “previous page” and “next page” functions will recognize words commonly used in Chinese for page turning buttons by default

Security and Privacy

Vimium C has complete security mechanisms:

  • When processing webpage content, clean up traces of use in time, and text input, operation results, etc. during command execution will be quickly discarded
  • The above search box supports setting block words to hide some search results (not hidden when a block word is actively searched)
  • When it receives messages from other extensions, it audits the source against a user-specified list of trusted extension identifiers
  • The function of “synchronizing configuration with browser cloud service” can be turned off, and this synchronization function will not synchronize information such as in-page search history

Works with other extensions

  • PDF Viewer for Vimium C (a PDF reader that supports Vimium C)
  • New Tab Page Modifier
  • Shortcut Complementary Tool
  • Modified version of the micro new tab page

See (currently only English instructions are available).

Vimium C is an open source browser extension that anyone can install and use without paying anything. If you really want to sponsor its developer (, you can give him a small amount of money for free via Alipay, WeChat, Open Collective or PayPal. Thanks for your support!

Vimium C is an open-source browser extension, and everyone can install and use it free of charge. If you indeed want to give its author ( financial support, you may donate any small amount of money to him through Open Collective, PayPal, Alipay or WeChat. Thanks a lot!

A donation list is in / A donation list is in : .

Alipay QR code of gdh1995 WeChat appreciation code for gdh1995 PayPal QRCode of gdh1995

Vimium C (and other extensions released by gdh1995) have been published to stores such as Microsoft Edge Add-ons and Chrome Web Store All regions all public. But this behavior is just to make these plugins easier to use,does not represent or implyAuthor gdh1995 “Agree or disagree” The word “Taiwan” can be juxtaposed with “China”.Although the juxtaposition shows that this situation is indeedappears by mistakein the (developer) pages of these stores (confirmed on June 3, 2021).

According to the “Constitution of the People’s Republic of China” and international consensus,Taiwan is a part of the sacred territory (indivisible) of the People’s Republic of China. and disclose the project source code, version update history, operation manual (Wiki), etc. If you encounter any problems in use or have new function comments and suggestions, you can go to the “issues” page of the repository to raise them.

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