Recently, Haihe Edge Computing Smart Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. signed the openKylin community CLA (Contributor License Agreement) and officially joined the openKylin open source community.

Haihe Edge Computing Smart Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was established on March 14, 2022. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in technology promotion and application services. The company’s main research direction is edge-to-edge integrated intelligent computing based on self-controllable software and hardware. The core hardware products are AI smart chips, acceleration boards, and intelligent training and inference all-in-one machines; the core software products are AI intelligent edge computing platforms.

After joining the openKylin community, Haihe Edge Computing Intelligence Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. will actively participate in community construction, create an intelligent edge cloud SIG group, contribute open source software and open source code, and adapt the company’s edge intelligent cloud products to the openKylin operating system to form The openKylin trial version of the intelligent edge cloud will form a general operating system solution for conventional cloud, container, intelligence and other application scenarios, and jointly build the openKylin ecosystem.

The openKylin (Open Kylin) community aims at “co-creation” as the core, on the basis of open source, voluntary, equal and collaborative, through open source and open means to build a partner ecosystem with enterprises, and jointly build a top-level desktop operating system community, Promote the prosperity and development of Linux open source technology and its software and hardware ecosystem.

The first member units of the community include Kylin Software, Puhua Basic Software, Zhongke Fangde, Kylin Xinan, Meditation Software, Yiming Software, Zhongxing Xinfu, Yuanxin Technology, China Electric Power 32, Jide System, Beijing Lin Zhuo, Advanced Operating System Innovation Center and other 13 industry colleagues and industry institutions.

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