CudaText is a cross-platform text editor written in Object Pascal. It’s an open source project, it’s fairly fast to start, it’s extensible with Python plugins, and it brings a feature-rich parser thanks to the EControl engine.

CudaText 1.171.0 is officially released, the updates are as follows:


  • When editing a line that is too long (2000+ characters), the editor closes the lexer for a few seconds. This is to prevent caret rendering glitches on such lines. Added an option for this: “max_line_len_for_editing_keeping_lexer”.
  • Some APIs for LSP clients
  • Better calculation of line break position for CJK text
  • Addon Manager: Add option “Verify HTTPS certificate”
  • Option “renderer_anti_flicker” is now per-lexer (previously was global)


  • Option “renderer_anti_flicker”:20 has a regression in the UI of the FindInFiles4 plugin
  • The default value of “key_left_right_wrap_with_carets” is different from what default.json tells
  • Regression in 1.169.2: Emmet engine broken
  • Scrollbar position becomes very incorrect after mouse wheel zoomimg
  • “mouse_wheel_zoom”: false -> Ctrl+wheel jump to the beginning of the file
  • If the UI scale is large, the combobox-arrow will be too wide

More details can be found at:

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