EazyBuilder is a continuous integration platform that makes it easier to build standardized pipelines. Through the accumulation of DevOps continuous delivery certification experience, a set of efficient, flexible, comprehensive, and easy-to-use continuous integration tools have been developed.

EazyBuilder is dedicated to helping you create, manage, and monitor continuous integration pipelines.This platform focuses on multi-team and multi-project unified compilation, construction, scanning, deployment and other continuous integration automation pipeline requirements, through plug-in automatic injection and decoration, pipeline template, improve continuous integration tools (such as Jenkins/Hudson) configuration cumbersome,Professional requirements are high (for example, you must be familiar with Jenkinsfile/pipeline/groovy syntax, etc.),Complex environment dependencies (Shared library needs to depend on the code library when running),Difficult to configure large quantities of projects,Management difficulties, etc.



The source code has been open sourced:


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