3UCS ERP is an open source C/S and B/S dual-architecture enterprise resource management system, which aims to help factories realize digital transformation through digital twin technology, digitize supply chain management, product production, product life cycle management, etc., and build smart factories , quickly realize intelligent manufacturing, somewhat similar to Oracle R12/ Fusion Application and SAP, and supports parallel process, outsourced processing and other functions, and supports mobile client, computer client, and browser use. The basic platform covers BOM, COST, SDSO, PO, AR, AP, FP, QA, WIP, PM, HR and many other modules. Based on BOM foundation and cost management, it provides comprehensive material planning, production planning, capacity planning, etc. plan function. Due to the strong support of the 3UCS x+ platform, 3UCS ERP also provides full-featured support for mobile client, PC client, web version and multi-language support, and its stability and functional power are also greatly guaranteed. The personalization and speed of its customization capabilities should be unparalleled.


  • C/S, B/S dual architecture, perfectly running on mobile client, computer client and mainstream browsers
  • Simple and convenient deployment
  • Personalized development and customization are simple and fast
  • Multi-language support (can be modified into any language version, just modify the language pack)




3UCS NISU client login example


Mobile client login example

Audio and video demonstration (3UCS ERP installation and deployment) http://3ucs.com/video.php?vid=45

Audio and video demonstration (3UCS ERP basic functions) http://3ucs.com/video.php?vid=42

Video Demo (3UCS ERP Mobile Operation 2017)http://3ucs.com/video.php?vid=43

Video demonstration (3UCS ERP secondary development training video 2017)http://3ucs.com/video.php?vid=46

Audio and video demonstration (installation and deployment of x+ web version) http://3ucs.com/video.php?vid=53

3UCS ERP Operation Manual: http://3ucs.com/plg/firm/firm.php?d.2.109 .


install/install.txt or just use the installation package for fool installation.

Source code description

Files & Dirs #BizTool Generated Code Files

  1. xx.xpj
  • BizTool configuration file, “xx” corresponds to the database table name (if there is a new name when saving, it will be the new file name)
  • bizxml project files, auto saved by biztool
  1. xx.xml, xx_GBDEDIT.xml, xx_GBDV.xml, xx_GBOPE.xml, xx_GBOPV.xml
  • Automatically generated single-page file (the upper part of the page is for editing, and the lower part is for display such as ListView)
  • auto generated files use ‘x’.xpj by biztool
  1. xx_V.xml (data display view page view), xx_Ve.xml (data editing and modification page Edit), xx_Vpg.xml (display record number, pagination, page number), xx_Vpgop.xml (page turning operation), xx_Vh.xml (edit, Generally do not need to modify hide for edit), xx_Vs.xml (query condition code search for view), xx_Vv.xml (display view code listctrl etc, for view)
  • Automatically generated two-page code file
  • auto generated files(2 pages, one for view and one for edit)
  1. xx_ops.xml
  • custom popup menu code
  1. xbs_??.xml
  • user root file
  • user root layouts.
  1. v??.xml manual
  • hand edited code file
  • composed files
  1. ??_V.xml(none of ??_Ve,??_Vh files exist)
  • hand edited code file
  • manual composed files
  1. ??_V?m.xml,??_V?m.xml
  • Manually edit the modified code file (the original file is the xx_V?.xml file)
  • manual composed files(modified according to ??_V?.xml)

rule/ xlogic files invoked in “3)” files

lan/language files

install/ install scripts and instructions

install/import_example.zip Demo data(xyz9g.xls,bom_resource.xls,customer.xls,poQuote.xls,sdQuote.xls) and examples for import

install/orderNoYearMon.sql sql for OrderNo only with Year and Month

install/costUpgrade sql for cost upgrade

Secondary development and customization

I. 3UCS ERP adopts a four-level organizational structure model, and organizational members at each level can only do related operations

  1. Enterprise Org

  2. Legal Org

  3. Business Operation Center (Business Org)

  4. Inventory

An enterprise group can govern multiple legal entities, and the enterprise group affects employees, locations, and organizations;

A company legal person organization corresponds to a set of accounting books (ledger), which can govern multiple business operation centers;

The operation of the operation center includes order (Order Manage), purchase (Purchase), receivable (AR), payable (AP), project (Project), etc., and can operate multiple inventory organizations at the same time;

II. 3UCS ERP sales order (production and delivery) processing flow

Inventory organization has independent inventory movement and inventory management, inventory opening and closing, responsible for order delivery (Shipping), purchase receipt (Receiving), inventory management, cost management and control, material/engineering (BOM/ENG), production (WIP), planning, etc.;

Entry of sales order –> Confirmation –> Approval –> Planner confirms delivery plan (run opportunity verification) and registers (BOOK, order will be automatically BOOK after production is completed) –> Procurement –> Production warehousing — —> (Sales) Shipping Notice —> Warehouse Shipping

III. The quantity of the delivery order must be consistent with the corresponding number of sorting out documents, otherwise the sorting and outgoing should not be completed.

After the delivery is completed, “Cancel Delivery” (affecting the delivery quantity and the sorting quantity) should manually cancel the delivery document to complete the return and warehousing.

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