The first release candidate for PHP 8.2.0, RC 1, is now availablerelease, which brings various bug fixes, including possible crash fixes. The PHP CLI’s built-in web server also has various improvements to its handling of static resources.

according tointroduceearly PHP 8.2 development releases included:

  • Added support for defining constants in traits
  • extension-specific Exceptions/Errors in Random code
  • Updated MIME type table for built-in web server
  • Reduced memory footprint of strings returned by various functions
  • Preliminary support for macOS Instrument’s JIT profiling generation
  • New Random extension
  • Cross-build on Windows with preliminary ARM64 support
  • Allocate JIT buffer Opcache close to PHP .text section to allow direct IP related calls and jumps
  • New options for PHP Sockets
  • Support for new Curl options
  • New ZipArchive method
  • and other performance improvements…

It is expected that there will be at least five release candidates in the future, the next release is the second release candidate (RC 2), which is scheduled to be released on September 15, 2022; and the PHP 8.2.0 GA version is expected to be around November 24. .

see NEWS file or UPGRADING file for a full list of upgrade instructions.

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