cost Is anCombining performance with ease of useThe cross-platform C++ basic library of , originally named co, was later changed to cocoyaxi. The former is too short and the latter is too long. The middle way is adopted, and it is changed to cost.

Why is it called cost?A friend used to call it a small boost The library, which is a little smaller than boost, is called cost. How small is it?exist The static library compiled on linux and mac is only about 1M in size. Although small, it provides enough powerful functions:

  • Command line parameter and configuration file parsing library (flag)
  • High-performance log library (log)
  • Unit testing framework (unitest)
  • go-style coroutines
  • Coroutine-based network programming framework
  • Efficient JSON library
  • JSON based RPC framework
  • Metaphysics-oriented programming
  • Atomic operation (atomic)
  • Random number generator (random)
  • Efficient character stream (fastream)
  • efficient string (fastring)
  • String manipulation (str)
  • time library (time)
  • Thread library (thread)
  • Timed Task Scheduler
  • High-performance memory allocator
  • LruMap
  • hash library
  • path library
  • File system operations (fs)
  • System operation (os)

cost in github above MIT The license is open source, it uses part of the third-party code, there may be different licenses, see for details LICENSE document. For the convenience of domestic users,gitee The code on github is also regularly synchronized.

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