When working on Tor in 2001, C was a reasonable choice, but it has always been limited by it, and the development of the C language has been slower than Tor officially hoped. What’s more, the existing C implementation has evolved over the years to a less modular design. Almost everything is connected to other things, which makes it harder to analyze the code and make security improvements.

Therefore, since 2020, Tor officials have begun to try to implement a new implementation of Tor in the Rust programming language. And now, with the latest release, Arti has reached the 1.0.0 milestone.

major changes

  • arti Most of the API in the crate is now hidden in experimental-api features to indicate that they are unstable and unsupported.
  • default_config_file function has been replaced with default_config_filessince there is now a default directory and a default file with the above name

Breaking changes in low-level crates

  • exist NetDirProvider Added to features params() method to expose the latest parameters even without a full catalog
  • Large-scale reconstruction of features representing a relayed identity set
  • request our TcpStream Type implementation Send

For more details, please check: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/arti/-/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md

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