The Apache Software Foundation announced in a blog post:From 2011 to present, its open source office suite Apache OpenOffice has been downloaded more than 333 million times (Includes all 4.1.x versions),This number does not take into account channels such as SourceForge mirror downloads, so the actual number will actually be higher.

According to foreign media Phoronix, the OpenOffice code was donated to the Apache Software Foundation in 2011, but unfortunately, it has not flourished in the past decade. Apache OpenOffice has very few new features developed and even lacks maintenance and security bug fixes. But the brand still exists, and users still choose it when searching for open-source office software or free alternatives to Microsoft Office.

Here are some statistics from the Apache Foundation, ranking by downloads by region:

  1. US 55,515,897
  2. France 44,394,981
  3. Germany 34,939,475
  4. Italy 28,173,104
  5. Spain 17,131,245
  6. Russia 15,178,537
  7. UK 14,903,050
  8. Poland 14,457,642
  9. Japan 13,852,054
  10. Canada 8,435,395

Ranked by operating system, it is interesting to see that Apache OpenOffice has nearly 300 million downloads on the Windows platform, and only 4.7 million downloads by Linux users…

  • Windows 297,992,216
  • Mac 31,625,280
  • Linux 4,744,249

Such a high number of downloads for Apache OpenOffice is cause for celebration, but honestly, let me choose it LibreOffice.After all, it is also an open source office suite, which has been updated to provide more modern features and functions..

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