Bao Yungang, deputy director and researcher of the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, recently introduced at the “First Beijing Open Source Chip Ecological Industry Forum”. , Shuneng, etc. have formed a joint R&D team to developThe third generation of Fragrant Hills (Kunming Lake Architecture)joint development.

Bao Yungang pointed out that the formation of the Xiangshan joint team marks that Xiangshan and its open source model have been initially recognized by the industry, and have taken a key step in crossing the valley of death from “prototype to product”. This is also an important milestone in the development of Xiangshan.

Xiangshan is an open source high-performance RISC-V processor based on Chisel hardware design language and supports RV64GC instruction set. During the development of the Xiangshan processor, the team used a large number of open source tools, including Chisel, Verilator, etc., to realize the basic tools for processor development such as differential verification, simulation snapshot, RISC-V checkpoint, etc., and established a set of The agile development process of processor front-end based on open source tools including design, implementation, verification, etc.

▲ The micro-architecture of the first edition of “Yanqi Lake”

Fragrant Hill’s architectural code is named after the lake. The first version of the architecture code is “Yanqi Lake”, the second version of the architecture code is “Nanhu”, “Nanhu” uses SMIC’s 14nm process, the target frequency is 2GHz, the SPECCPU score reaches 10 points/GHz, and supports dual-channel DDR memory. Plus PCIe, USB, HDMI, and more.

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