The Intel Open Path Guiding Library (Intel Open PGL) implements a set of representation and training algorithms needed to integrate path guidance into the renderer. Open PGL provides implementations of current state-of-the-art path guidance methods that improve sampling quality and thus renderer efficiency. The goal of Open PGL is to provide a well-tested implementation that is robust enough to be used in a production environment.

Open PGL provides a C language API and a C++ wrapper API for higher-level abstraction. The current implementation is optimized for the latest Intel processors and supports SSE, AVX, AVX2, and AVX-512 instructions.

Open PGL is part of the Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit and has been released under the permissive Apache 2.0 license.

The Open PGL repository on GitHub always provides the latest Open PGL source code.default mainBranches should always point to the latest tested bugfix release.


Open PGL currently supports Linux and Windows. Additionally building Open PGL requires the following prerequisites:

  • The latest Open PGL can be cloned by:

    git clone

  • To build Open PGL, you need CMake, any form of C++11 compiler (we recommend GCC, but Clang and MSVC are also supported), and standard Linux development tools.

  • Open PGL depends on Embree

  • Open PGL depends on TBB

Depending on your Linux distribution, you can use yumor apt-getInstall these dependencies.

CMake Superbuild

For convenience, Open PGL provides a CMake Superbuild script that will pull in Open PGL’s dependencies and build Open PGL itself. The result is an installation directory with all dependencies.


mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../superbuild
cmake  --build .

Standard CMake build

Assuming the above prerequisites are met, building Open PGL via CMake is easy:

Create a build directory, then go into that directory:

Configure the Open PGL build with the following command:

        cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=[openpgl_install] ..

Build and install Open PGL with the following commands:

        cmake build
        cmake install

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