ubermix is ​​an Ubuntu-based operating system that has education in mind from the start. Built by educators with an eye toward empowering students and teachers, ubermix removes all complexity by making student devices as reliable and easy to use as mobile phones without sacrificing the power of a full operating system. With a 5-minute install, 20-second quick recovery, and pre-installed 60+ free apps, ubermix can turn any hardware you own into a powerful learning device.

While Ubuntu has come a long way in making Linux easier to use, installing and configuring it on a device can be a complicated process for the average person. Also, Ubuntu’s default mix of apps and tools, while fine for general use, tends to be a little less than ideal when placed in an educational setting. What ubermix strives to do is configure a pre-optimized environment (reduce complexity), create an easy-to-deploy, scalable installation process, build a self-healing mechanism (ease of management, reliability), and build a phone-like easy-to-use Custom interface (easy-to-use, device-centric mode). All in all, we think this is an ideal choice for a student in a learning environment.

For ubermix, officials keep the base OS and app mix under 8GB so it can easily fit on a small 8GB flash device. To achieve this, some unnecessary utilities and libraries have been removed to free up as much space as possible.

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ubermix Homepage, Documentation and Downloads – Ubuntu-based Linux distributions – News Fast Delivery

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