OpenBuddy is a powerful open source multilingual chatbot model for global users, with a strong emphasis on conversational AI and seamless multilingual support, including English, Chinese and other languages.

Based on Tii’s Falcon model and Facebook’s LLaMA model, OpenBuddy has been fine-tuned, including expanding the vocabulary, adding common characters and enhancing token embedding. By leveraging these improvements and a multi-turn dialogue dataset, OpenBuddy provides a powerful model capable of answering questions in various languages ​​and performing translation tasks.

OpenBuddy’s mission is to provide a free, open-source, offline-capable AI model that runs on users’ devices, regardless of their language or cultural background. Committed to enabling people around the world to access and benefit from AI technology.

main features

  • multi-languageConversational AI, supports Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German and other languages!
  • Extended vocabulary and support for common CJK characters
  • Fine-tuning to improve performance with multi-turn dialogue datasets
  • Available in two model versions: 7B and 13B
  • 5-bit quantization for CPU deployment via llama.cpp (slightly lower quality output)
  • Active development plan, anticipating future features and improvements

model version

OpenBuddy currently offers two model families: Falcon and LLaMA.

More information on downloading models can be found at Model page found.

Future plan

  • Enhanced Multilingual Performance
  • Optimize the quality of model quantization
  • Develop a mechanism for assessing content quality, safety, and reasoning ability
  • Exploring Reinforcement Learning Using Human Feedback (RLHF)
  • Explore adding multimodal capabilities for conversations with image context

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