ServiceTalk is a JVM network application framework with APIs tailored to specific protocols (eg HTTP/1.x, HTTP/2.x, etc.) and supports multiple programming paradigms.

It is built on top of Netty and aims to provide most of Netty’s performance/scalability benefits to a common network protocol used in service-to-service communication. ServiceTalk provides server support and features such as “smart clients”, such as client-side load balancing and service discovery integration.

getting Started

see ServiceTalk Documentationfor various samples that will help you get started with the different features of ServiceTalk.

Supported JVMs

The minimum supported JDK version is 1.8.


ServiceTalk followsSemVer 2.0.0. API/ABI breaking changes will require package renaming for this module to avoid runtime classpath conflicts.

file encoding

ServiceTalk’s source code is UTF-8 encoded: make sure your file system supports it before attempting to build the project.

Set the environment variable JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONSSet as-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8Should help building projects in non-UTF-8 environments.

Editors and IDEs must also support UTF-8 in order to successfully edit ServiceTalk’s source code.

build command

Run the following commands to build ServiceTalk and verify that all tests and code quality checks pass:

Supported IDEs areIntelliJ IDEA. In order to generate IntelliJ IDEA project files for ServiceTalk, you can run the following command:

Once complete, running one of the following commands will open ServiceTalk in IntelliJ:

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