sccache is a compiler caching tool similar to ccache. It acts as a compiler wrapper and avoids compilation as much as possible, storing cached results either on local disk or in one of several cloud storage backends.

sccache includes support for cached compilation of C/C++ code, Rust, and NVIDIA CUDA using nvcc.

sccache also provides icecream-style distributed compilation (automatic packaging of native toolchains) for all supported compilers (including Rust). The distributed compilation system includes several security features that icecream lacks, such as authentication, transport layer encryption, and sandboxed compiler execution on the build server.For details, seeDistributed Quick Start Guide.

sccache is also available as GitHub Actions to facilitate deployments that use GitHub Actions caching.

sccache provides support for GNU make jobserver. When the server is started from the process that provided the job server, sccache will use that job server and provide it to any processes it spawns.

build requirements

sccache is a Rust program, and cargo (aka rustc ) is required to build it. sccache currently requires Rust 1.65.0, and the official recommendation is to install Rust through Rustup.

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