Spezi is aAn open source framework for rapid development of modern, interoperable digital health applications.

For more information, see API documentation .


Spezi introduces a standards-based modular approach to building digital health applications, a standard build maps to a shared data repository used to exchange data between Spezi modules.

Five different types of modules are distinguished:

  • Standard: Serves as a common ground for shared repositories and communication between modules. For example, the FHIR standard serves as an important standard for building digital health applications.
  • Data Sources: Provide input to standards and utilize standard data source registration functions and adapters to transform data into standardized formats. Examples include HealthKit data sources.
  • Data Source UI: A data source UI is a data source that also renders UI components. For example, this includes the questionnaire module in the Spezi Swift package.
  • Data storage provider: A data storage provider takes elements from the standard and stores them persistently. Examples include uploading data to cloud storage providers, such as Firebase modules.
  • Research App UI: The Research App UI shows additional context within the app, including Onboarding, Consent, and Contacts modules to reveal a great digital health app.

API documentation Contains a selector for switching between the different Swift Package Manager targets, allowing you to explore the different modules contained in the Spezi repository.

Spezi template applicationProvides a good starting point, as well as examples of using the different Spezi modules.

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