Pctrl is a robust, powerful, easy-to-use and powerful process manager based on the Rust programming language. It provides an overview of the system, such as currently running processes and systems, and gives administrators control over manipulating these processes. Pctrl aims to compete with all currently available Linux process managers by offering powerful control and a user-friendly choice of running in a Terminal User Interface (TUI), Graphical User Interface (GUI), or both.

This project is currently being used as part of the Operating Systems (CSCE 3401) course at the American University in Cairo to experiment with and learn the Rust programming language.


  • Run as TUI or GUI or both
  • List all processes in table format
  • List all processes in tree format
  • Sort processes by any column
  • Search for processes by name or pid
  • Filter processes by various categories
  • View process details
  • View graphs showing overall system and individual process usage of memory and CPU
  • kill a process
  • Change process priority
  • suspend/unpause process
  • The beauty of changing the process
  • change process owner
  • Export process list to csv file
  • Monitor a process and restart it if it crashes
  • Track the resource usage of a process and save it in a file

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