Trustfall is a query engine for querying any type of data source, from APIs and databases to any type of file on disk, even AI models.

Trustfall Playground supports running queries against public data sources such as:

For example, this linkShows the results of the HackerNews query: “Which GitHub or Twitter users are commenting on stories about OpenAI?”

In the Playground, Trustfall is configured to run client-side as WASM, performing all aspects of query processing (parsing, compiling, and executing) in the browser. While this demo highlights Trustfall’s ability to be embedded in a target application, it can of course also be used in a more traditional client-server context.


Demonstrates execution of cross-API query: “Which GitHub Actions were used for projects on the HackerNews front page with >=10 points?”

The demo executes the following query on HackerNews and GitHub’s APIs and GitHub repository workflow files in YAML format:

  HackerNewsTop(max: 200) {
    ... on HackerNewsStory {
      hn_score: score @filter(op: ">=", value: ["$min_score"]) @output

      link {
        ... on GitHubRepository {
          repo_url: url @output

          workflows {
            workflow: name @output
            workflow_path: path @output

            jobs {
              job: name @output

              step {
                ... on GitHubActionsImportedStep {
                  step: name @output
                  action: uses @output

Instructions for running the demo are included with the source codedemo-hytradboiProvided under the directory:Link.

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