Base64Util canSave the file generated by Base64 decoding to the specified path; or convert the file into Base64 code, supported language: java.

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// 将文件编码成Base64,可传入文件全路径,或者一个 File 对象
String s = Base64Util.transferToBase64("D:/下载/Screenshot_20221008-090627.png");
File file = new File(filePath);
String s = Base64Util.transferToBase64(file);
// 将Base64转换成文件保存到指定位置,可传入文件全路径或者分别传入保存位置和文件名
String s1 = Base64Util.generateFile(s, "D:/下载/aaa.png");
String s1 = Base64Util.generateFile(s, "D:/下载", "aaa.png");

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