IronBoy is a high-precision GameBoy emulator written in Rust, available in the browser via WASM.


cargo build --release

The emulator has been built and executed on Windows, Linux and macOS without any issues.


  cargo run --release -- [OPTIONS] <ROM_FILE>

  <ROM_FILE>  GameBoy ROM file to input

      --headless               Runs the emulator without a backing window, used during test execution
      --cold-boot              Boot title screen even when opening save file
      --fast                   Start emulator with unlocked framerate
      --save-on-exit           Automatically save state before exiting emulator
      --boot-rom <BOOT_ROM>    Use specified boot ROM
      --format <FORMAT>        Use specified file format for saves [default: bin] [possible values: json, bin]
  -h, --help                   Print help information
  -V, --version                Print version information


Z -> A
C -> B
Enter (PC) / Return (Mac) -> Start
Backspace (PC) / Delete (Mac) -> Select

S -> Save
P -> Pause
F -> Toggle frame limiter
M -> Toggle sound
Esc -> Close

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