Screen Translator translates any text on the screen. It is a combination of screen capture, OCR and translation tools, and translation is currently done through an online service.


  • Windows: Download the archive from the github release page, extract and run the .exe file. Install from the release archive, or repair vs_redist*.exe if the application is missing dlls or has any update errors related to SSL/TLS.
  • Linux: Download from github releases .AppImage file, generating an executable ( chmod +x <file> ) and run it.
  • OS X: Not currently supported.

set up

The application has no main window. Only the tray icon is displayed after startup.

If the application detects invalid settings, it will display an error message via the systray. It will also highlight section names in red on the left panel of the settings window. Clicking on the section name will display a more detailed error message (also in red) in the right panel.

The downloaded package does not contain resources such as recognizing language packs or scripts to interact with online translation services.To download them, open the settings window and go to Update part.

In the right panel, expand the recognizers and translators part.Select the preferred item, then right click and select Install/Update .progress bar arrives 100% the state of the resource will change to Up to Date .

Must download at least one recognizers resources and a translators resource.

Once the download is complete, go to Recognition section and update the default recognition language setting (source to be translated).then go to Translation section, update the default translation language settings (languages ​​to translate into) and enable some or all translation services (you can also change their order by dragging).


  • Run the program (note that it has no main window)
  • press capture hotkey
  • Select an area on the screen
  • If that doesn’t work, check for updates


By default, assets are downloaded to one of the user’s folders.if selected General part of Portable set, the resource will be downloaded to the application’s folder.

Set when unable to start due to crash QTWEBENGINE_DISABLE_SANDBOX=1 environment variables.

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