Tabby is a self-hosted AI programming assistant and an open-source, native alternative to GitHub Copilot.


  • Self-hosted, no DBMS or cloud service required
  • Web UI for visualizing and configuring models and MLOps
  • OpenAPI interface, easy to integrate with existing infrastructure
  • Consumer-grade GPU support



The easiest way is to use a Docker image:

# Create data dir and grant owner to 1000 (Tabby run as uid 1000 in container)
mkdir -p data/hf_cache && chown -R 1000 data

docker run \
  -it --rm \
  -v ./data:/data \
  -v ./data/hf_cache:/home/app/.cache/huggingface \
  -p 5000:5000 \
  -e MODEL_NAME=TabbyML/J-350M \

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