Tailwind CSS v3.3 brings a lot of new content, the updated content is as follows:

  • Extended Dark Color Palette:

    In Tailwind CSS v3.3, a new950tone, which is a darker tone

  • ESM and TypeScript support:

    Tailwind CSS can now be configured in ESM and TypeScript

  • Simplified RTL support with logical attributes:

    Now you can use logical properties to more easily and automatically do most of the styling, creating layouts that adapt to different orientations.

    New utilities such as ms-3and me-3can bestart of elementandFinishSet the style so that the style automatically adapts to the RTL.

  • Fine-tune the position of the gradient:

    Added new tools such asfrom-5%,via-35%andto-85%allowing you to adjust the actual position of each color block in the gradient and specify the position accurately.

  • Out of the box Line-clamp:

    Tailwind released the official line-clamp plugin two years ago, although it uses a weird bunch of deprecated-webkit-*but it works fine in every browser and will always work, so we decided to build it into the framework itself.

    So when you upgrade to v3.3, if you are using the line-clamp plugin, you can safely remove it.

  • Line-height abbreviation for new font-size utilities

    When setting the line height with Tailwind, there was never a function to also set the font size. So, inspired by the color opacity modifier syntax, Tailwind decided to set them with a single tool, saving some characters.

  • Novar()CSS variables for

    In the spirit of less typing, Tailwind can also omit thevar()

  • Configurablefont-variation-settings:

    When using custom fonts, you often want to configure things like font-feature-settings or font-variation-settings to provide specific adjustments in the added font.

    has been possible beforefont-feature-settingsHaving done that, now you can alsofont-variation-settingsMake the same settings.

  • new list-style-image utilities

    Ever wanted to use a picture of a carrot as your list item marker?Now you can use the new list-image-* Utility to implement clip art as list item markers.

<ul class="list-image-[url(carrot.png)] ...">
	<li>5 cups chopped Porcini mushrooms</li>
	<!-- ... -->

<p class="hyphens-manual ...">
    ... Kraftfahrzeug&shy;Haftpflichtversicherung is a ...

For more details, please check: https://tailwindcss.com/blog/tailwindcss-v3-3

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