OpenGpt is an AI application development platform. Recently, there are many projects based on OpenAI. Each of us should have the ability to create these projects to solve our own problems. OpenGpt is an AI platform that allows all users to use and create ChatGPT applications, and it is open source.

planned features

  • Users can run each App directly
    • ✅ Launch of the first app “Free Style Rap Lyric Generator” on March 4, 2023
    • ✅ A total of 6 apps will be launched on March 5, 2023; there are enough bricks, and jade is needed
  • Users can create their own applications
    • ✅ Users can create their own applications as planned until the first phase completion date of March 8, 2023
    • ✅ On the first day of launch (March 8), users have created hundreds of apps! ????
    • ✅ On March 11, the number of apps created by users exceeded 800! ???? ???? ????
  • Support for users to remove rate limiting restrictions using their API token
  • Hide some apparently unusable apps from the home page
  • i18n internationalization support

next stage plan

  • Add user login function
  • Ability to like and sort accordingly
  • Ability to save favorites and create your own list of App applications
  • Let creators profit from the platform!
  • Add tags to the application
  • Ability to create personal applications for private use only

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