According to a New York Times report, according to a legal document, Twitter said some of its source code was leaked online. The company took action on Friday. leaked code.

Documents show Twitter also asked the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California toInstructs GitHub to identify who shared the code and anyone else who downloaded the code.

GitHub complied and delisted the code repository that day. It’s unclear how long the leaked code has been online, but it appears to have been public for at least a few months.

In addition, GitHub disclosed the infringement notice sent by Twitter in accordance with the company’s transparency rules. The notification document shows that the leaked source code is the private source code of the Twitter platform and internal tools. The specific warehouse address is: (The name of the account (FreeSpeechEnthusiast) actually refers to Musk, after all, he once called himself a “free speech absolutist”).

Twitter launched an investigation into the source code leak, and executives handling the matter speculated that the person responsible left the San Francisco-based company last year, two people familiar with the internal probe said. Additionally, these executives only recently learned of the source code leak. One concern, they said, was that the code contained security holes that could have given hackers or other motivated parties the opportunity to extract user data or shut down the site.

Before the leak, Musk had promised to open source some of Twitter’s code. He said the code Twitter uses to recommend tweets will be made public by the end of March so anyone can review it and scrutinize it for possible flaws. This process helps Twitter’s code become more secure as people discover and report problems with it.

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