Docker has announced the second technical preview of its integration with WebAssembly (Docker+Wasm).

Docker+Wasm makes it easier for developers toRapidly build applications targeting the Wasm runtime. The diagram below illustrates how Docker integrates with WebAssembly.

It can be seen that Docker Engine continues to use the containerd container runtime that is unified with the overall ecology, but creates a new containerd shim—replacing runC, which is responsible for running the container process, with WasmEdge runtime. It is said that this is a cooperative project with WasmEdge. This containerd shim extracts the Wasm module from the OCI artifact and runs it using the WasmEdge runtime.

The new Docker+Wasm technical preview supports the following three new runtimes:

These runtimes, including WasmEdge, use the Runwasi library.

Runwasi is a multi-company project dedicated to creating a library in Rust,Reduce the difficulty of writing containerd shims for Wasm workloads. Last December, Runwasi’s GitHub code repository was donated and handed over to the CNCF’s containerd team.

With significant investments from Microsoft, Second State, Docker, and others, Runwasi now has complete functionality to run Wasm containers using Docker or in a Kubernetes cluster.

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