The uengine runner can install custom APK packages for the Uengine Android runtime environment on Deepin/UOS.

After the release of the new version of Deepin/UOS, you can install some official and adapted Android applications in the app store. For fans, it is almost meaningless not to be able to install the APK package by yourself. This program can run for Uengine Android on Deepin/UOS The environment installs a custom APK package, and can send the installed APK package startup menu to the desktop or system menu. picture.png

Read before installation

  • When UEngine is installed, it will automatically delete the apk to be installedif this apk file is very important, pleaseCopy a backup version and install the backup version, or select the “Backup APK package and automatically copy the original directory after installation” option in the program settings

How to upgrade to the latest version

1. Use the Spark App Store to update to the latest version

1. Open the Spark app store and open the corresponding interface, click “Upgrade”
2. Then install
3. end

2. Update through the source (need to add the source of the Spark App Store)

Just enter the following command:

sudo apt update  
sudo apt upgrade  


3. Use the update program that comes with the program to update

1. Open UEngine Runner and click “About” => “Check for Updates”, click “Update (all processes of this application will be closed during the update process)”
2. Enter the password to update
3. Prompt that the update is complete

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