Mir is a set of libraries for building Wayland-based shells. Mir simplifies the complexities that shell authors need to deal with: it provides a stable, well-tested, high-performance platform with touch, mouse and tablet input, multi-monitor capability and secure client-server communication.

ABI summary:

mirplatform ABI upgrade to 25


  • Logging extension filter callbacks being called multiple times
  • [miral] Automatically reload display configuration
  • [miral] Add a side-by-side layout to the .display configuration
  • [miral] Add a .display-layout configuration file
  • [miral] Provide an output name
  • [miral] Added an API for adding custom attributes to output
  • [平台] Display: remove register_pause_resume_handlers
  • [平台] Provide sensible output names on kms-based platforms
  • [Wayland] Upgraded wl_output to version 4
  • [Wayland]Upgraded XDG shell stable protocol to version 5
  • [console] set logind session

For more details, please check: https://github.com/MirServer/mir/releases/tag/v2.13.0

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