ASUS IoT Division released a number of new development board products at the 2023 International Embedded Exhibition, including a RISC-V board called “Tinker V”, which is ASUS’s first RISC-V architecture development board. The boards released by the ASUS IoT department before this are all ARM architecture.

This board is equipped with the new RZ/Five processor of Renesas Electronics (Renesas), based on the Andes AX45MP 64-bit RISC-V core, the single-core performance is only 1.0 GHz, which is not strong. The memory is 1GB DDR4, which is in line with the mainstream of the market. The board comes with a microSD card slot, 16GB eMMC module and SPI flash memory are also optional.

In terms of interfaces, Tinker V provides 20 PIN GPIO interfaces, JTAG interfaces for debugging, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two micro USB interfaces (one OTG and one ordinary USB), 2 CAN buses and 2 RS-232 interface.

In terms of operating system support, ASUS said that this board supports Debian and Yocto Linux operating systems, and it is not known whether it will be extended to other systems in the future.

The official said that samples of Tinker V will be released in the second quarter, so the pricing has not yet been released.For reference, the price of the Allwinner D1 Nezha RISC-V development board with similar configuration is about 600, but Nezha supports RVV, which has huge advantages in the field of audio and video.The editor speculates that the price of Tinker V should be around 500. After all, the configuration of this board is not very high, and there is no display support module.

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