Modern web development platform Netlify has announced that it has acquired Gatsby Inc.,Gatsby is a platform that uses modern web technologies like React and GraphQL to help developers build websites faster.

Gatsby was originally known for its eponymous high-performance, open-source Gatsby front-end framework with a robust data layer and ecosystem of high-quality CMS plugins. On top of that framework, Gatsby built a cloud platform for building, deploying, and previewing large enterprise content sites, and revenue has grown over 100% year-over-year since then.

Netlify CEO Matt Biilmann said:

We’ll integrate Gatsby’s cloud innovations into the Netlify platform and open up Gatsby’s content hub and source plugin ecosystem to the diverse world of modern front-end frameworks like Astro, Next, and Remix.

After the acquisition, Gatsby’s open source project is still running normally. In respect of its deep roots in open source, Netlify left its authority in the hands of the original developers of the project, saying it would only send maintainers to join the Gatsby open source organization alongside the creators of frameworks such as Solid JS.

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