v1.4.0 update content:
1. Upgrade the underlying dependent libraries, such as fastjson, etc.;
2. Upgrade the underlying authority authentication structure;
3. Modify and improve recent user feedback issues;

Project Introduction

A Java language based on SpringCloud, Vue, ElementUI, MySQL and other frameworks, a front-end and back-end separation framework, dedicated to the realization of modular, componentized, pluggable front-end and back-end separation architecture Agile development framework, which can be used to quickly build front-end and back-end In order to simplify development and improve development efficiency, the current framework has integrated a complete RBAC authority structure and regular basic modules. The front-end Vue side supports multi-theme switching, and you can choose one according to your favorite style. Theme, to meet the needs of personalized presentation;

In order to develop agilely and quickly and improve R&D efficiency, the framework has a built-in one-click CRUD code generator, and customized module generation templates, which can quickly generate all the codes of the entire module with one click according to the established table structure (field annotations need to be standardized) And adding, deleting, modifying and querying and other functional services, it truly realizes low-code development, greatly saves labor costs, improves development efficiency, and shortens the R&D cycle. It is a component-based, low-code agile development framework in the true sense. .

developer information

System Demonstration

Demo address: http://manage.cloud.elevue.javaweb.vip

Release Notes

Special thanks

grateful Mybatis Plus, Vue, ElementUI And other excellent open source projects.

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