🍈Project introduction

Project address: https://gitee.com/bootx/bootx-platform, welcome to take a look at the project introduction and personalstarYa 🤺🤺🤺

Based on the Spring Boot framework, it is specially designed for single application, provides a complete set of service modules, supports payment and acquisition (Alipay, WeChat, aggregation, combined payment), workflow (Flowable), three-party docking (WeChat, DingTalk, enterprise WeChat, SMS) and other modules, the backend is based on Spring Boot and Spring Cloud, and the frontend is based on Vue2 and Vue3 respectively, which can be applied in different business scenarios. The goal is to make the open source version a scaffold beyond the commercial background management framework.

vue2 uses ANTD PRO VUE as scaffolding

vue3 uses Vben-Admin-Next as scaffolding

🍒 Innovation Valley Station

After more than ten iterations of ITRI 1.1.x versions, the basic functions and framework structure are basically completed. The next step is to enrich and add some special and practical functions. Therefore, at the beginning of the new year, Bootx- Platform has officially entered the era of 1.2.x. Innovation Valley Station is the second station of Line 1 and even Jinan Metro. As the corresponding version code, it just marks that the follow-up work plan needs to be innovative. Only innovation can be compared with other scaffolding. differentiate.

Innovation Valley Station’s wall details, ground prompts, etc., use the “Classic Traditional Chinese Seal” font, which is full of beauty and cultural atmosphere~

🛠️This feature update

  • Docs: Docs migrated from Yuque to Gitee Pages https://bootx.gitee.io/
  • Added: China Administrative Division Information Management
  • Added: Added data version record plug-in
  • Added: Based on AcTable customization, it supports automatic table creation and table structure maintenance
  • Added: The data permission plug-in supports delete and update operations, and supports multi-table joint query scenarios at the same time.
  • Added: Request permission supports permission code configuration
  • Added: Query field data permission function, realized through permission code annotation
  • Optimization: Adjust SensitiveType/BusinessType to internal class
  • Optimization: delete some unused classes
  • Optimization: Cache management supports configuring whether to record object data types
  • Optimization: optimize query builder logic
  • Optimization: BaseManager synchronizes mp official new features, supports tombstone recording time and handlers
  • Optimization: The data table has no permission field or is not managed by MybatisPlus, and the data permission is automatically disabled
  • Optimization: redisson upgrade adaptation
  • Optimization: Cors cross-domain processing is enabled by default
  • Optimization: Add a lombok.config file to configure some global Lombok configurations
  • fix: Obtain menu permissions out of bounds after login

Vue3 progress

  • New: Data-related demo code, data permissions, data desensitization, data encryption
  • Optimization: Delete vben demo code
  • Optimization: The menu management page is about the configuration related to the permission code


  • Optimization: The list data configuration field of the super queryer is synchronized to the name of the Vue3 version
  • Optimization: The menu management page is about the configuration related to the permission code

🚅 Roadmap

  • The workflow function is perfect[Complete]
  • Front end of Vue3 version[in progress, progress 85%]
  • Completion of basic functions[in progress]
    • Data permission enhancement[Complete]
    • Data field permissions[Complete]
    • Data change version audit records【90%】
    • Data translation function[in progress]
  • SMS notification docking[to be started]
  • minio docking 【planning】
  • Provincial and municipal basic information management 【80%】
  • Access to AcTable【Complete】
  • Document preview function docking[under planning]
  • Customize the large screen of the report[planning]
  • Optimization of authentication control function, support for locking the number of login errors, secondary operation verification, etc. 【Planning】
  • Spring Cloud version[under planning]

🥞Function Screenshot

| | | |

| | | | | |

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