ShareX is an open-source screenshot tool that captures or records any area of ​​the screen and shares it with one click. It also allows uploading images, text or other types of files to over 80 supported storage services.

ShareX 15.0 is officially released, the updates are as follows:

  • Added new “Dark” theme and renamed the previous theme to “Night”
  • Updated website theme to accommodate new ShareX dark theme
  • Added “pin to screen” tool
  • Visual improvements to the Hotkey settings window
  • Allow changing hotkey assignments without opening the assignment settings window
  • Added “Cut” tool in image editor
  • Added “Wave edge” image effect
  • If the prefix is ​​missing in the URL entered by the user, the configuration now defaults to https://
  • When a downloaded file is re-uploaded, ShareX will request the file name from the server instead of parsing from the URL, this feature is mainly used for ShareX browser extensions
  • If the system administrator disables uploads via the registry, it will also be disabled after capturing the upload option when ShareX is run for the first time.
  • Now use GitHub Actions to release builds instead of AppVeyor
  • Use ShareX theme in screen recording overlay
  • Added “pause” support for screen recording
  • Added “Pause Screen Recording” hotkey
  • Added support for moving the recording area when pausing the recording
  • All ShareX releases now include built-in FFmpeg 5.1 64-bit, 32-bit OS users can override the FFmpeg path to use their own FFmpeg binaries
  • Removed FFmpeg download button as it is no longer needed
  • Added “Freehand arrow” annotation tool
  • Increased maximum font size for text annotations from 100 to 300
  • Development builds are now stored in the ShareX/DevBuilds repository
  • The “Install Development Build” button now shows an update infobox and downloads a development build from the ShareX/DevBuilds repository
  • In the auto-update message box, if the “No” button is pressed, the auto-update check is disabled until ShareX is restarted
  • Added support for quickly merging images by dragging and dropping thumbnails in the main window
  • Allow closing OCR window with ESC key
  • Implemented OAuth loopback IP address flow for Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Cloud Storage, and YouTube, since Google’s other authentication methods for desktop applications have been deprecated
  • Added “DisableLogging” registry setting

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