In recent years, incidents of hackers intruding into enterprise systems and stealing key data, information and source codes of enterprises have occurred frequently. In many cases, hackers did not use high-tech means, but used the account leaked by employees to log in to the internal system, thereby obtaining desired information. the information you want.

For example, LastPass was hacked in August last year because the company’s developer account was stolen. The hacker successfully used the account to access the developer environment of LastPass and stole source code and other information; Theft, which gave hackers access to Slack’s GitHub repository.

These two security incidents revealed that in addition to strengthening the security of products and systems, the company also needs to strengthen the security of employee accounts and the security awareness of employees.

The passwordless solution is a direction that many companies are currently researching and investing in. This solution allows users to use fingerprints, faces, and USB security keys to log in to accounts without requiring users to enter passwords. This solution can bring For a better user experience and stronger security.

Open source password manager Bitwarden recently announced that it has acquired, a startup that helps businesses add passwordless login functionality to their applications. offers an eponymous development framework that enables software teams to more easily implement passwordless login capabilities into their applications. uses an open source technology called WebAuthn. The technology was released by the World Wide Web Consortium in 2016, and WebAuthn supports all major browsers.

According to, implementing WebAuthn in an application can take weeks for a software team, while their framework reduces the time required to implement WebAuthn to minutes and is also compliant with the EU’s GDPR Privacy Regulations.

Anders Åberg, founder of, said:

Customers want passwordless authentication solutions to be unique to their companies and end users, but building a differentiated experience requires significant resources. Bitwarden and will make passwordless authentication more accessible to everyone.

The parties to the transaction did not disclose the amount of the acquisition, and the acquisition was carried out after Bitwarden received US$100 million in financing in September last year, but it has not been disclosed until now.

Bitwarden will provide with basic features for free, after which some features will become part of paid plans. As part of the announcement, Bitwarden also launched a beta version of Bitwarden, interested users can visit the official website for more details.

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