Snowy-Solon (SnowyAdmin Solon version) is a Solon high-performance version based on Snowy replacing SpringBoot. Its startup speed makes you feel faster and refreshed, and its size is smaller. Of course, server resources are also more economical; it can be said that it is a Rookie products out of the Spring ecology, for everyone to taste together.

Developed with more excellent components and cutting-edge technologies such as Solon+MybatisPlus+SaToken+EasyTrans, rich in annotations, concise code, and ready to use out of the box!

Let’s talk about Solon: a more modern domestic application development framework. Faster, Smaller, Less, Freer! ! !Startup is 5 to 10 times faster; qps is 2 to 3 times higher; runtime memory is saved by 1/3 to 1/2; packaging can be reduced to 1/2 to 1/10. At present, Solon’s ecology is getting more and more perfect, welcome to play

Gitee star Gitee fork licenseApache 2.0

Quick Links

download link:

Front-end download (snowy-admin-web):

Demonstration address:

Support components and start

At present, the Snowy front end can be downloaded in the above quick link. Because the front end is exactly the same as Snowy, the warehouse has not been added separately, and the upgrade will be upgraded simultaneously with the two projects.

front support

node.jsnewJavaScript runtime environment

Start the front end

back support

jdk11 / 1.8java environment
mavennewpackage management tool
redisnewcache library
mysql8.0 / 5.7database

Start the backend

Configure maven in the development tool and configure the database in the code to start

code structure

The Snowy-Solon framework subcontracts the code in a plug-in mode, making the package hierarchy clearer and more reasonable, while reducing the degree of coupling. For the specification of plug-in modular development, please refer to the document[SNOWY Open Source Documentation – Front-end Manual or Back-end Manual—Development Specifications]section.

  |-snowy-common == 基础通用模块
  |-snowy-plugin == 插件包
    |-snowy-plugin-auth == 登录鉴权插件
    |-snowy-plugin-biz == 业务功能插件
    |-snowy-plugin-client == C端功能插件
    |-snowy-plugin-dev == 开发工具插件
    |-snowy-plugin-sys == 系统功能插件
  |-snowy-plugin-api == 插件api包
    |-snowy-plugin-auth-api == 登录鉴权插件api接口
    |-snowy-plugin-biz-api == 业务功能插件api接口
    |-snowy-plugin-client-api == C端功能插件api接口
    |-snowy-plugin-dev-api == 开发工具插件api接口
    |-snowy-plugin-sys-api == 系统功能插件api接口
  |-snowy-web-app == 主启动模块


password step by step🔥

Featuresalgorithm type
Log inSM2 front-end encryption, back-end decryption
Log in log outSM2 stores login and logout logs with signature integrity protection
operation logSM2 performs signature integrity protection storage on the operation log
user passwordSM3 integrity protection storage, complete integrity check when logging in
User phone numberSM4 (cbc mode) encryption and decryption use field desensitization

open source team

The Xiaonuo open source technology team is honored to produce it. In the process, the authors of SaToken, Solon, and EasyTrans were invited to work together to help complete the improvement of this product.

Copyright statement

  • The entire version of the Snowy ecological technology framework adopts the Apache License 2.0 protocol

  • The code can be used for personal projects and other private work or corporate project scaffolding. The open source version of Snowy is completely free

  • If the secondary development is used for open source competing products, please contact the group owner to communicate, and it will be regarded as infringement if it is not reviewed

  • Please do not delete and modify the copyright and author statement and source of the Snowy-Solon source dock department

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