2022 Summary

As of today,
The main library has accumulated 36K+ attention on GitHub, and the total has reached 40K+ attention. 2022 single-year main library harvest
attention, a total of 23K+ attention, currently ranking in the list of Rust open source projects
the performance in 2022 is only lower than the annual popular star project Tauri, and also ranks among the international rankings of open source start-up growth in the third quarter of 2022
. In general, our digital growth on GitHub is very healthy and stable, with good organic growth that does not depend on promotion.

The degree of internationalization has also been improved, with more than 62% of the attention coming from abroad, and the translation languages ​​​​involved by contributors reached 28 kinds. There are 11 foreign relay server donations, provided by five contributors, from Germany, Finland, Ukraine, Russia (War and Peace in Open Source), and the United States (Chinese). The domestic relay server comes from the start-up plan of HUAWEI CLOUD, and it will expire in 2 months.

In terms of community, because we pursue an internationalization strategy, we only maintain Zhihu accounts in China, and Discord, Reddit and Twitter in foreign countries. The main technical support is at
currently has 7K+ users, and the community is maintained by an Italian volunteer.
There are 13K+ subscriptions on it, and it has basically reached the state of self-maintenance (users ask and answer themselves).
Mainly used to post some news.There is no video channel yet, but Youtube and Station B already have a large number of self-built server textbook videos produced by third parties, among which the most popular Youtube videos have more than

There are more than one million devices connected to the public server, and there are currently 600,000 connected devices online.
The number of downloads from the self-built server on the Internet exceeds 100,000, and there is no statistics on the downloads of other versions.

Just a list of numbers, open source in 2022 is doing well, but from the perspective of contributors, it is quite unsatisfactory. A developer community has not yet been established. Although there are many forks, they have not formed a driving force to contribute to the upstream, or they are white prostitutes. , either learning or collecting types, and there is no lack of commercial plagiarism of “Too young, too naive”. Commercial open source projects have inherent shortcomings in this regard, especially our complex full-stack, multi-terminal, and full-platform product category projects, and they are not in the hot technology category, and desktop development has long been a thing of the past (but Tauri’s success, and people I feel that desktop development is not so unbearable). Although we have benefited from Rust, it is undeniable that Rust’s talent base is still lower than other languages. Whether to invest resources in building a developer community in the future is still uncertain.

2023 target

The main task in terms of open source in 2023 is to achieve product integrity reaching the level of AnyDesk/SplashTop. With the improvement of product integrity, we will appropriately increase active promotion efforts and conservatively achieve the target of 50K+ attention in 2023. The aggressive goal is to replicate the growth of Tauri The history has achieved 60K+, sprinting the goal of the annual star open source project, and laying a good user base for commercialization.


In order to achieve the above goals, we need a stronger technical, operational and international team, and look forward to you joining us

Contact email: aW5mb0BydXN0ZGVzay5jb20=

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