Kdenlive 22.12.1 is now released.this is First maintenance release in the 22.12 series with support for Akaso proxy files and minor audio pause/play improvements. Some highlights include fixes to timeline preview rendering, copy/paste/move keyframes in rotoscoping effects, moving clips at low zoom levels, and avoiding issues with overlapping subtitle backgrounds with alpha.

The specific updates include:

  • Akaso’s new camera proxy.
  • Subtitles: When using a background with alpha, draw a rectangle around all lines to avoid overlapping problems.
  • Fixed multiple issues with copy/paste/move dynamic keyframes.
  • Do not build designer plugins by default – only useful for developers.
  • Fix for color balance filter not being disabled when selecting a new color.
  • Fix possible freeze when aborting edit-friendly transcoding request.
  • Fix designer plugin crash.
  • Fix guides move in spacing/trim operations and tests.
  • Small improvement to pause/play audio.
  • Fix typos.
  • Don’t interrupt timeline playback when refreshing the clip monitor or changing preview resolution.
  • The timeline preview crash message is not displayed if the job is stopped by a timeline operation.
  • Fix close button in status message not working.
  • Preview blocks should be sorted by integer.
  • Fixed timeline preview incorrectly stopping when moving a clip out of the preview area.
  • QMetaObject::invokeMethod should be used with Qt::DirectConnection when return parameters are required.
  • Disables parallel processing on 32-bit systems.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the Esc key during timeline dragging would corrupt the timeline.
  • Fixed guides moving incorrectly when unlocked.
  • Updates the mouse position in the timeline toolbar when zooming and scrolling the timeline.

See the release notes for more details.

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