2022 OSC China Open Source Project Selection——“The hottest Chinese open source project community”The winning projects are officially announced!

“The Hottest Chinese Open Source Project Community” is a specially planned award this year. During the selection period, the homepages of the open source projects that have been included by News Fast Delivery will add a “hotness” widget, and each user can contribute “hotness” to the open source projects that they want to support, and a new “geek” gameplay has been added.

After three weeks of competition, the organizing committee finally selected the top 15 open source projects based on their “hotness value”. The projects that won the “Hottest Chinese Open Source Project Community” award in the 2022 OSC China Open Source Project Selection are as follows:

Although the award is aimed at Chinese open source projects, we also useInternational Open Source Projectsinterested in the actual situation.In this selection, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the Linux kernel project achieved outstanding results, and its “hotness value” totaled 963,714.

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Special Award: Most Geek Spirit Award

After discussion and decision by the organizing committee, the 2022 OSC China Open Source Project Selection “Most Geek Spirit Award“The winner is an open source project IoT Sharp founder Husk Cake.

This year’s annual OSC China open source project selection is newly planned“The hottest Chinese open source project community”Awards, and added a new “geek” gameplay.In this context, developers have displayed their talents and actively contributed to open source projects “heat value”.

Among them, the author of the IoTSharp project, @麦蛋饼, quickly implemented scripts that support Win 64 and Linux x64 with .NET (C#) after learning about the gameplay.

Not only that, but during the selection process, he directly open-sourced the tools that contributed to the popularity:https://gitee.com/maikebing/oschina2022and actively optimize the code in the future.

Loving open source, sharing selflessly, and pursuing the ultimate, this is the true portrayal of the “geek spirit”.

Finally, the winners of the “2022 China Open Source Project Community Health Cases” and “Excellent International Open Source Project Chinese Community” will be announced next week, so stay tuned.

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