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During the development of the business system, the logic of the business is becoming more and more complex. Simple logical step splitting can no longer quickly adapt to business changes. Most of the time, business support is provided by patching the main process.

Moreover, a large amount of business logic is hidden in the implementation details, and it is impossible to see the overall business process from a global perspective. Therefore, in this context, a business orchestration framework is needed to help us organize the code logic in a componentized manner to achieve rapid configuration and a quick understanding of the overall business picture.

smart-flow is a lightweight and flexible business process orchestration framework that supports common conditional branch control, sub-process, business component asynchronous and degradation functions in business processes.

  • Engine smart-flow manages the pipeline object and is also the entry point for the process engine to call
  • Pipeline is a linear pipeline composed of components, and the execution of the process engine will be executed linearly according to the configuration of the pipeline
  • Component The packaging layer of business logic, collectively referred to as components, smart-flow provides various capabilities based on the component layer, such as branch selection, degradation, asynchronous, etc.
  • Context Execution context, used to store the intermediate information of the process engine execution process
  • Components for branch judgment and routing in the Condition process
  • Executable is a developer-oriented component. Developers need to implement this interface and write business logic

core function

Advanced Features

management function

For more documentation, see: Official Documentation

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