Recently, under the guidance of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and China Communications Standards Association, the Fifth Data Asset Management Conference sponsored by China Communications Standards Association Big Data Technology Standard Promotion Committee (CCSA TC601) came to an end in Beijing. With the theme of “breaking the situation, innovating and co-governing”, the conference released a number of important research results,And announced the big data “Galaxy (Galaxy)” case list. Among them, two cases jointly declared by SelectDB, TravelSky Mobile Technology Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Provincial Big Data Technology Service Center “An Online Analysis Platform for User Behaviors Based on SelectDB“,”Ultra-large-scale nucleic acid detection data platform based on SelectDB“, stand out from 595 declared cases,Both were selected into the 2022 Galaxy Cases “Excellent Database Cases”“!


In order to promote the development of big data technology products and related industries, accelerate the cultivation of the data factor market, give full play to the unique value of data as a production factor, and establish an industry benchmarking force,China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and China Communications Standards Association Big Data Technical Standard Promotion Committee (CCSA TC601) jointly organized the sixth big data “Galaxy” case collection activityaims to promote the application of big data in social production and life, and promote the development of big data technology products and related industries by summarizing and promoting the outstanding achievements of big data industry development.

As the most nationalized civil aviation travel product, the innovative product created by TravelSky Mobile Technology Co., Ltd. “Air travel“Always take the quality of user service as the primary starting point, and is committed to building an all-round digital comprehensive service platform in the civil aviation field.With the demand for refined business operations, the timeliness of data indicators has become a constraint on business development, so In March 2022, TravelSky Mobile Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Feilun Data Technology Co., Ltd. carried out in-depth cooperation to build a new online user behavior analysis platform based on the cloud-native real-time data warehouse SelectDB. The landing application of this platform has reduced the response time of billion-level data from minutes to seconds. While improving data development efficiency, maintenance costs have been greatly reduced, and business benefits and user experience have also been significantly improved.

Through the in-depth integration of “Internet + civil aviation”, the results of this case have achieved innovations in service models and business models, which not only improves business revenue, but also improves the experience of the entire travel process of frequent passengers in civil aviation, and helps enterprises achieve important achievements in the field of mobile Internet. breakthrough.


In order to provide the ability of “real-time processing, efficient circulation, and rapid analysis” for large-scale nucleic acid detection data,In August 2022, the Sichuan Provincial Big Data Technology Service Center built an ultra-large-scale nucleic acid detection data platform by introducing the cloud-native data warehouse SelectDBimprove the stability of the nucleic acid detection system in Sichuan Province, and improve the system’s ability to respond to large-scale sampling of all staff in the province.

The successful implementation of this case has guaranteed the ultra-large-scale nucleic acid detection work of all employees in Sichuan Province, relieved the pressure on the sampling business of the nucleic acid detection system, improved the flow efficiency of nucleic acid detection data, optimized the effect of nucleic acid detection and analysis, and achieved an average daily processing of more than 600 million pieces of nucleic acid The ability to detect data has played an important role in winning the sniper battle for epidemic prevention and control in Sichuan Province, and has been highly affirmed by the main leaders of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government.pictureAs a new generation of cloud-native real-time data warehouse based on the Apache Doris kernel, SelectDB Cloud adopts an architecture design that completely separates storage and computing. It is the first cloud data warehouse in China that realizes multi-cloud neutrality, full hosting, and SaaS, has the five characteristics of extreme cost performance, integration and unity, ease of use, enterprise characteristics, and open source and openness. It solves the difficulty of “cost reduction and efficiency increase” that enterprises pay most attention to in the process of building data warehouses, and realizes the cost reduction of more than 50% at the same time. , the performance has been improved by more than 1.5 times; it has effectively solved a series of problems such as system complexity, resource waste, and data redundancy caused by traditional data warehouse solutions. At the same time, SelectDB Cloud has launched four characteristic solutions for enterprises covering typical data analysis scenarios such as enterprise internal data platform, external customer reports and analysis, user portrait and behavior analysis, log storage and analysis, bringing significant performance to enterprises Lift and related benefits.

# About SelectDB

Beijing Flywheel Data Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: SelectDB) is a cloud-native real-time database vendor focusing on open source technology innovation, and also the commercial company behind Apache Doris. It is committed to providing the Apache Doris community with a team of full-time engineers, product managers and support A team of engineers will prosper the ecology of the open source community and create an international industry standard in the field of real-time analytical databases. SelectDB, a new generation of cloud-native real-time data warehouse based on Apache Doris, runs on multiple clouds, providing customers with data warehouse services with minimal operation and maintenance and extreme cost performance.


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