A very simple native multi-cloud kubernetes high-availability cluster installation and deployment tool, supporting v1.17.+.

The program adopts native kubernetes features as much as possible, does not modify kubernetes and writes in process-oriented mode, so as to clarify the installation process.

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  • Simple, fast and convenient installation.All installation is basically one command
  • Multi-cluster management, easy to manage different clusters.
  • Unified command management program, you can easily use a command on the client to run on all management hosts.
  • Standalone application does not depend on any third party (as far as possible, after all, you still need kubeadm, etcdadm, especially etcdadm still needs to be compiled and installed, but these are processed automatically)
  • Controllable certificate time (default: 44 years, my lucky number is 4, I am self-willed in my territory)
  • Optional mirror address.Provide domestic/foreign by defaultTrusted & Safemirror address. Do not use offline packages and private mirrors (Why don’t you provide offline packages? Do you remember the problem of IOS environment intrusion? Goolge it. Of course, all your installation nodes must be able to connect to the Internet to download mirrors.)
  • High availability is achieved by using the service feature and IPVS without relying on any third implementation.
  • Easily add cluster nodes vik8s join -m <ip>
  • etcd nodes can be installed individually and nodes added.vik8s etcd init <ip1> <ip2> ... with vik8s etcd join <ip3> ...
  • Peripheral installation is provided, which is also simple and convenient.

    • dashboard
    • ingress (nginx/traefik)
    • More installation methods will be provided in the future

  • [Heavy launch]The kubernetes reduce command simplifies the yaml configuration file. Check out the tutorial and examples.

Note: This program only supports centos 7/8 now, it is unknown whether it will support other systems in the future

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