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WPFront Notification Bar


Want to display a notification about a promotion or a news? WPFront Notification Bar plugin lets you do that easily.


Display a message with a button (optional).
Processes shortcodes.
Button will open a URL or execute JavaScript.
Position the bar on top or bottom.
Can be fixed at position (Sticky Bar).
Display on Scroll option.
Set any height you want.
Set the number of seconds before the bar appears.
Display a close button for the visitor.
Set the number of seconds before auto close.
Colors are fully customizable.
Display a Reopen Button.
Select the pages/posts you want to display the notification.
Select the user roles you want to display the notification.
Set Start and End dates.

Visit WPFront Notification Bar Ideas page for some useful functionalities.

Visit WPFront Notification Bar Settings page for detailed option descriptions.


Bar on top.
Bar on bottom.
Settings page.


Click Plugins/Add New from the WordPress admin panel
Search for “WPFront Notification Bar” and install


Click to Download the .zip package
Unzip into the subdirectory ‘wpfront-notification-bar’ within your local WordPress plugins directory
Refresh plugin page and activate plugin
Configure plugin using settings link under plugin name or by going to WPFront/Notification Bar


WPFront Notification Bar and GDPR compliance?

This plugin doesn’t collect any personal information. For more information please visit GDPR compliance.

I don’t want the plugin to be displayed on “wp-admin”, what should I do?

Notification bar doesn’t display on the wp-admin pages, except on the notification bar settings page. On the settings page it acts as a preview so that you can see the changes you make.

How do I stop the bar from displaying for logged in users?

The new version(1.3) allows you to filter the bar based on user roles. In this case you need to select the “Guest users” option.


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