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WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping


With the WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping plugin you can setup your own advanced rules to determine when a free shipping rate should be available for the customer.
This plugin will give you full control over your free WooCommerce shipping rates.

Within each shipping rate you can create multiple ‘OR’ condition groups with multiple ‘AND’ conditions inside each group. This means that it is very easy to setup a
free shipping rate for multiple user roles in one shipping rate for example.

There are many default shipping conditions available.
Conditions like:

User role
Shipping class
Volume (Width / Length / Height)
many, many more…

Not there what you’re looking for? The plugin has been made to be easily extensible, meaning you can also add your own custom conditions through code snippets!

Look at the screenshots!

Applying shipping cost

Have you given this plugin a shot and like how you can set things up?
I’ve build another plugin that allows you to setup shipping cost with the same conditional logic power as this plugin!

– Add shipping cost to the shipping rates
     – Per weight
     – Per item
     – Extra handling fee
– Setup a percentage based fee
– Add Advanced shipping cost via the WAS Advanced Pricing extension
     – Cost per shipping class
     – Cost per category
     – Cost per product
     – Cost per weight (table rate)
– Create shipping zones
– Set tax status

View Advanced Shipping for WooCommerce

Showing a free shipping threshold message

There are a few plugins out there that add a message when someone hasn’t reached the free shipping threshold yet. These plugin work on the ‘Free shipping’ option that is provided in WooCommerce by default.
It is unlikely that these plugins will work out of the box with Advanced Free Shipping due to the complexity of the conditional logic.

In case you do want to show this kind of message, The Advanced Messages for WooCommerce plugin allows you to setup a message with the same type of conditions, allowing you to setup the messages according to the same needs as the free shipping options.

Translations, feature requests and ratings are welcome and appreciated!


Portuguese (Brazil / Portugal)


WooCommerce Shipping options overview
WooCommerce Shipping rate example
WooCommerce Shipping rate all available conditions
WooCommerce Shipping condition available operators


Upload the folder woocommerce-advanced-free-shipping to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Go to the settings page to fine-tune the settings if desired


Installation Instructions

Upload the folder woocommerce-advanced-free-shipping to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Go to the settings page to fine-tune the settings if desired

Can I setup partial free shipping?

The short answer to this is ‘no’, the long answer comes down to ‘possibly’. I wrote a full length blog post about this here:
Apply free shipping for specific products in WooCommerce

Can multiple free shipping options show simultaneously?

The current version of the plugin – 1.1.0 – doesn’t have the ability to show multiple Advanced Free Shipping rates at the same time.
During first development I made the – in hindsight – wrong decision thinking “Why would anyone need multiple WooCommerce free shipping options at the same time”.
In the future this will likely be changed, for now I recommend taking a look at the Advanced Shipping for WooCommerce plugin which does have the ability to show all rates that match the conditions.

The shipping rates I setup are not showing at the cart/check, why?


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