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Advanced WordPress Reset


Notice: If you are looking for cleaning up your database, use instead our plugin: Advanced Database Cleaner

‘Advanced WordPress reset’ plugin will reset you WordPress Database back to its first original status in order to make a fresh installation without going through WordPress traditional installation. This plugin will help you saving time especially if you are a developer and you have to install WordPress from scratch every time.

Main Features

Make a new installation without going through the 5 minutes WordPress installation
Resets the database without deleting or modifying any of your files (all your WordPress, plugins and themes files are kept)
Deletes all database customizations made by plugins and themes
Deletes all content including post, pages, options, etc.
Detects the Admin user and recreate it with its saved password
Keeps the blog name after the reset
Quick and convenient

Multisite Support

Actually the plugin does not support Multisite installation. We will add it as soon as possible.


Admin page of the plugin


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

Single site installation

After extraction, upload the Plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Go to “Dashboard” » “Plugins” and choose ‘Activate’
The plugin page can be accessed via “Dashboard” » “Tools” » “Advanced WP reset”


What does mean “reset my database”?

This option will reset your WordPress database back to its first original status, just like if you make a new installation. That is to say, a clean installation without any content or customizations

Is it safe to reset my database?

Yes, it is safe since you have no important content to lose. If there are any issues, we will support you 🙂

Is there any files that will be deleted after the reset?

No. All files are kept as they are. The plugin does not delete or modify any of your files.

Is there any plugins or themes that will be deleted after the reset?

No. All your plugins and themes will be kept. However you will lose any settings in database of those plugins/themes.

Is this plugin compatible with multisite?

No, it is not compatible with multisite. We will try to fix this compatibility as soon as possible.

Is this plugin compatible with SharDB, HyperDB or Multi-DB?

Actually the plugin is not supposed to be compatible with SharDB, HyperDB or Multi-DB.


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