WP Console – WordPress PHP Console powered by PsySH – WordPress plugin Free download

WP Console – WordPress PHP Console powered by PsySH


WP Console brings the famous PsySH on your browser. PsySH is a runtime developer console, interactive debugger and REPL for PHP.

Write your code in code editor, press Shift+Enter and get your output in your browser.

You can also use PsySH with wp-cli with the command wp shell. wp-cli has built-in support for psysh already. You need to just active WP Console to use this.

WP Console requires WordPress v5.0 or later.

Please note that, currently PsySH commands like ls, doc, show etc and Magic variables like $_, $__class etc are not supported in browser console.

👉 GitHub Repo: wp-console


Basic input/output
dump command
Error in code
wp shell command
Browser console UI

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