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Introducing WPFrom Email, a WordPress Plugin aimed at helping you quickly and easily update the default WordPress sender FROM Name and Email Address.

To increase brand authenticity and create name recognition among your visitors it is recommended update how WordPress sends out emails to your subscribers. Leaving the WordPress email sending settings in their default state may even result in email delivery issues. This is because the default wordpress@ emails usually trigger Internet Service Provider and email client spam filters.

With this plugin, you may easily update those FROM values or completely disable ALL email sending. Be sure to test the disable email function on your server environment to ensure proper function.

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WPFrom Email Settings page located under \\”Settings > WPFrom Email\\”.
WPFrom Admin Dashboard notice of disabled emails option triggered.


Upload the plugin folder to your \’/wp-content/plugins/\’ folder.
Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress.
Visit the plugin settings area and adjust as needed.


How do I use this plugin?

Upon activation, visit the \\”Settings > WPFrom Email\\” section and adjust as needed.

Emails are not going out?

If you check the \\”enable\\” box, you must provide a senders email address. Otherwise no emails are sent. Another possibility is that you have checked the disable emails box. In that case, uncheck it and save the form.

How does it kill wp_mail, *slowly*?

It is just a joke. No functions are injured during execution.


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