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Ultimate FAQ


FAQ plugin that lets you create, organize and publicize your FAQs (frequently asked questions) in no time through your WordPress admin panel. Select from multiple responsive FAQ layouts and styles. Modern accordion style layout that fits into any site.

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Includes Gutenberg blocks for displaying FAQs as well as for the search and submit FAQ form!

FAQ Key Features

Unlimited FAQs, with unlimited tag and category support
Create FAQ categories
Create FAQ posts and assign categories to them
Accordion FAQ layout that will fit any site
An AJAX FAQ search form
Export all FAQs to a PDF to create a user manual
Insert custom CSS to style your FAQ posts

With WooCommerce Integration! See the “FAQ for WooCommerce” section below for full details and features.


Simply insert the above shortcode into any page to display your FAQs.

You can use either the toggle and/or accordion responsive FAQ style, to display one expanded FAQ answer on click, or choose to display all FAQs on page load, with the optional responsive list style that offers a more traditional FAQ layout.

Features include frequently asked question statistics that show how many times FAQs have been viewed, styling options, FAQ tags and categories, display and ordering options, among many other options. Includes an FAQ shortcode helper, that lets you create shortcodes with FAQ attributes without having to manually enter the shortcode.

Ultimate FAQ isn’t just for frequently asked questions. With its responsive accordion layout, that allows you to toggle and collapse content, it also works great for any content similar to an FAQ and that needs to be hidden until it is clicked, like job postings, recipes, etc.!

FAQ for WooCommerce

Using WooCommerce to sell your products? Easily add an FAQ tab to each product page, so your customers can see answers to common questions about the products they’re browsing. With its responsive accordion layout, the new WooCommerce FAQ tab will fit seamlessly into any shop. It’s the most comprehensive WooCommerce FAQs solution!

For more information about WooCommerce FAQs integration, please see the following video:

Want to decide exactly what order your FAQs are displayed in? Use our simple drag-and-drop reordering feature! Create SEO-friendly links to individual FAQ posts to simply direct customers to exactly the right answer, right away. Easily add links to your FAQs to popular social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so that your customers can help you spread the word about your FAQ!

With the smart [submit-question] shortcode (premium), you can let your customers add to your custom FAQ list by submitting a question and even proposing an answer for it!

Additional FAQ Features

Select FAQ animation options for displaying posts
Toggle FAQ accordion (close open FAQ when a new one is opened) behaviour on/off
Allow people to comment on individual FAQ
Microdata question schema, to help with SEO
Responsive FAQ design that looks great on all screen sizes
Group FAQs by category for easy navigation
Gutenberg FAQ block with options to specify categories and number of FAQs

This FAQ plugin is great for combining with our user management plugin to create a member’s only FAQ area.

Ultimate FAQ uses the WordPress custom post type functionality to create an FAQ post type, allowing for smart and easy integration. No need to deal with a complicated FAQ builder.
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