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The WP Remote WordPress Plugin


The WP Remote WordPress Plugin works with WP Remote to enable you to remotely manage and update all your WordPress sites.


Free to monitor and update an unlimited number of sites.
Track and update all of your WordPress sites from one place.
Track and update all of your WordPress plugins and themes from one place.
Schedule automatic backups to AWS, SFTP, FTP.
Perform manual backups of your WordPress database and files.
Click to Download previous backups from the one place.
Install and activate plugins and themes from the one place.
Early beta access to maekit web design business platform.


You can email us at for support.

Contribution guidelines



The WP Remote dashboard at
See all of the plugins and themes needing update across all Sites in one view.
Click to Download nightly Automatic Backups.


Install The WP Remote WordPress Plugin either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
Activate the plugin.
Sign up for an account at and add your site.


I’ve forgotten my password

Use the “I’ve forgotten my password” link on the log-in screen to generate an email with a link to reset your password.

How do I fix the “Does not appear to be a valid URL” message?

If the domain name has been typed incorrectly:
The easiest way to ensure you have the correct domain name is to open your site in a different browser window and then copy and paste the site address.

If you have made recent changes to your DNS/Nameservers records:
If this is the case then just give it a little more time and try again later.

What if I want to back up my site to another destination?

You can also store your backups on your own Amazon S3 or you can upload backups to your own server via FTP or SFTP.

How do I restore my site from a backup?

WP Remote does not provide an automated way to restore your site. We recommend downloading a copy of your backup, unzipping it and then uploading to your site’s server via FTP/SSH. Database importing can be done via your PHPMyAdmin interface or a similar tool – Your database backup can be found in the root folder of your downloaded backup zip.

Further Support & Feedback

General support questions should be posted in the WordPress support forums.

You can email us at for support.


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